LEGO IDEAS 21302 – The Big Bang Theory

This is only my third Ideas set, with the other two being the Back to the Future Time Machine and the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1. I don’t normally get Ideas sets unless they are of nostalgic factor, or of a certain pop culture I enjoy. Clearly, The Big Bang Theory Set fits into the latter category easily. Also to note, I believe that you would not get 7 licensed minifigures for below BND$150 here in Brunei or neighboring states. To slightly prove my point, 75914 Speed Champions F14T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck would cost you BND$199.90 for 6 generic but licensed Ferrari Minifigures. Therefore, TBBT set was definitely a must have for from the moment it was announced.


Boxart of the set


In the set you have the following:
1) 7 Minifigures – Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Howard Wolowitz, Rajesh Koothrappali, Amy Farah Fowler & Bernadette Rostenkowski.
2) Rajesh’s Pet – Cinnamon
3) Bricks to build the living room half of Leonard & Sheldon’s apartment.

The only thing i feeling missing from this set is the Gaming & Tv half of the apartment, the mothers of Leonard & Sheldon, Barry Kripke and perhaps Leslie Winkle. That said, who knows there would be a follow set should this prove to be popular.



The instructions booklet is farily thick, just the way I like it. The booklet provides introductions to all 7 members, the show’s outline as well as the AFOL creators of the set. Pretty cool, and best of all, no stickers! The whole set took me probably slightly over 2 hours to build, mainly due to the hideous amount of 1×1 studs in use, but also I wanted to admire and visualize each step as I got closer to the replica of the actual apartment.




As stated above, the build only completes the living room half of the apartment, where the whole gang normally hung out. You get the cool collectors memorabilia on display on the shelves, some DNA display, the brown couch, and the old windows 98 computer I would assume. Having also spoken with some friends, I was told that should we be able to build the whole apartment, we would be able to incorporate into modular sets of a bigger scale. That would be most cool. And expensive. In the meantime, I am really happy with the apartment accessories.







The two bits of accessories I really love are the whiteboard, where you can have Leonard & Sheldon argue upon their theories, and the Chinese Noodle Takeout brick, which is printed. These two are probably essential in defining the apartment. I do get the feeling that the living room area is a little cramped though, once you have all 7 of them seated or grouped together. It would also have been great if it was extended to the main wall by their apartment door. At the moment, I could only re-enact scenes of them mostly hanging out having dinner or Sheldon telling Penny that she is in his spot.


“You’re in my spot!”

Now on to the minifigures. I am extremely pleased that LEGO included all the main characters, as mentioned earlier. There was no way you could have Leonard and no Penny, Howard and no Bernadette or Rajesh without Cinnamon. If only there was a way to ensure that Emily would be Raj’s permanent partner, and perhaps we would’ve ended up with 8 minifigures instead. Lovely details on them though.









All in all, this set was truly impressive. I was never really a fan of Modulars or set depicting a certain diorama or set piece, but this one really got me researching ways to improve and add-on further. With the abundance of on-set models available in this set, you really wouldn’t go bored while you watch the tv series and playing with them at them same time.


LEGO Education – Building My SG Singapore SG50 Commemorative Set

So a friend of mine helped get me this commemorative set exclusive to Singapore in celebration of their 50th anniversary as an independent state. This set was given to students of all levels free of charge, so naturally there were a lot of interest on this set coming from all over the world. I must admit, before getting my hands on one, I was extremely keen and excited on how the build would be like, but now that I have one and actually built it, I would definitely say, its no biggie. Should you have one and decided to keep it as a souvenir, it is best kept sealed. Otherwise, do not bother to find one, for there is an official statement stating that this set may be on sale to the general public come this OCtober, at a 5000 set limit.


Boxart of the SG50 Commemorative Set


So from the boxart, you could see that one is able to build 3 sets out of the bricks supplied. What’s not mentioned though is that with each design, there are 3 levels of difficulties for Ages 7+, 13+ & 17+, though I do not see the point actually. The build is extremely simple and straightforward. Nothing you nor your child will have difficulty with.


Instructions manual and also a single sticker


So on to the 3 builds. The set allows you to build either of the 3 iconic sites in Singapore: The Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Airport & Gardens By The Bay. I liked the Cavenagh Bridge the most, probably because the airport and gardens didn’t quite portray the actual sites accurately. That said, this being an education set and free of charge, I suppose they would have to ditch some details for practicality.


Cavenagh Bridge Levels 1 -3



So the bridge, in my opinion utilizes the most bricks from the set. Some blue slope tiles are used to give the image of waves, though I would say the choice of the base plate being grey seemed out of place. The width of the bridge increases with each level too, along with ‘web-slings’ (because of spiderman sets?) used as wireframes.


3 Levels of Changi Airport



Changi Airport, pictured above with 3 build levels. Honestly, the build for the control tower is not exactly stable, as evident if you increased from levels 1-3. Could use with a bit more bricks to cover the whole base plate. That said, as mentioned, they probably had children in mind when designing this so I shouldn’t be to harsh on my opinions.


Gardens By The Bay – The most pointless of the 3 designs



The last design, Gardens By The Bay is in my opinion, the ugliest and most pointless design. The actual site was built only recently, which leads me to think that perhaps another site of more significant historical value should have been in place. In each of the 3 levels, you get to build 3 trees, white in color, which again does not look anything like the actual site, and some green plates to indicate patches of grass on the ground. Pointless. Did I also mention that the set comes with 2 minifigures? The figures themselves are ones with generic bodys, face prints and accessories. Again, probably to keep costs down.


I end this post by saying again that if you intend to get this set, do it only if you would like to keep one as a souvenir, as well as because it’s exclusive only to Singapore. The builds are really nothing to shout about, so do consider thoroughly before making a commitment.

Nintendo Entertainment System MOC (My First Game Console Sprite Edition by Chris Mcveigh)

First up, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for having no new posts for the last two weeks. Haven’t bought anything new hence this period of inactivity. Anyways, I recently came across a really cool MOC by Chris Mcveigh on his website Powerpig, detailing on how to build your own Nintendo NES sytem. He provided two options – 1)where you could buy it from his store or 2)with the instructions provided, you could build your own. I decided to attempt the latter. With whatever bricks I had, and some swapped out, I managed to build a decent looking NES of my own.


My MOC NEC next to the actual thing.

In terms of size, I would say it is probably close to 1/4 of the original, stands at around 220 pieces, number based off of Chris’ original. The size is just about right when holding it, and the finished build is extremely solid!






Though looking just like a block from afar, I do love how it captures the whole essence of what NES is, including the flip cover hiding the cartridges, the AV in/out and the vents. Perhaps the newer generation may not really appreciate much about this ‘grey box’ but for us 80’s kids, it surely is something to feel nostalgic over.


You get to build two joypads and two cartridges too!


The cartidges built fit into the NES slot perfectly. Though a choice of red and yellow tile was instructed, you could have your way with the colors or plates used, since it signifies the game labelling. It awesome comes with two joy pads that are exactly reminiscent of the original. I had a lot of fun building this set, and though I was not able to get a 6×10 grey tile, I swapped it out with whatever I had and it still looks to be wonderful. Should you wish to build one on your own, please do head over the the website mentioned above and try your hand at some other designs he put out too!

LEGO Scooby-Doo! Mummy Museum Mystery

Finally bagged every single LEGO Scooby-Doo sets with the help of a friend who chanced upon it in Kuala Lumpur. I still do not understand why Brunei keeps getting sets late, but now that I have all 5 of them, I don’t really care. This set was being sold in Malaysian for RM$69.90, coming to about BND$23.30 due to the good rates at the moment. I would be expecting it to sell for around BND$29.90 – BND$34.90 upon official release here in Brunei.

75900 Mummy Museum Mystery

Boxart grabbed from

Based on official information from &, this set consists of 110 pieces with two minifigures and a Scooby. Though small in size, I had a lot of fun building it. And I really love the amount of detail flowing into this set.


Nothing to shout about on the minifigure front, apart from Shaggy and the Mummy having dual faces. Scooby here is also similar to the bigger sets in Mystery Machine and the Mystery Mansion.


The Museum display however is really awesome, and if I had the skills, I would probably get a few more of this set to make it into a large display. It is one of two sets to feature a coffin, the other being the Mystery Mansion, with Dracula’s mold. I loved how they used the elements (which I do not know what its official name is) to depict spotlights shining down on the coffin.




Only two stickers to apply, one on each side pillar of the Museum, where on the left depicts some information to unlocking treasures, and the one on the right probably showed the person who found those treasure. The coffin opens up vertically from the top if you pull a hamburger hidden behind the set.





Lastly, the base of the set can be opened to reveal the hidden gems beneath the coffin. All in all, I really enjoyed building this set, and I loved how TLG design the set to feel very ancient and symmetrical. For those looking the get started with Scooby-Doo, looking only for Shaggy & Scooby, this would be the cheapest one to get. However if you are looking to complete the Gang, then perhaps as mentioned before, you could skip this, along with Mystery Plane Adventures and the Haunted Lighthouse. Only the Mystery Machine and the Mystery Mansion would help you complete them.That’s all for today’s post, apologies for the rushed photographs as I didn’t have any proper setup back in my in-laws. Nonetheless, I do hope you enjoyed them thus far.


LEGO #40107 Winter Skating Scene

LEGO #40107 Winter Skating Scene set. Was given to a friend and myself yesterday evening by our local AFOL group’s administrator (perhaps Brunei’s local LEGO Ambassador) as a gift from TLG themselves. The criteria were that we had to build it on the spot, post it with the hashtag #legowinterskating. Now, I don’t normally have any interest in Creator sets, coupled with the a somewhat high price tag when it was available here locally kinda put me off this otherwise cute little set. Having built this yesterday, I would say that had I have a few more of this set, I would most definitely try to make myself a large Ice Skating Rink.


Box art of the set.

This set has 129 pieces in total, with two minifigures, a teenager and a young girl. Both minifigures could be equipped with skates, hockey sticks and pucks should you wish to have them play ice hockey, or have them hold a snowball fight with the two white balls provided. You could also have one of them use the sleigh and traverse down the slide made of ice.


The set’s accessories for the Minifigures

Although this is only my second creator set, I am really impressed with the many ideas put into designing this set. I really love the use of transparent blue 1×2 tiles to replicate a frozen lake, although I would probably use transparent white tiles to replicate such an effect.





All in all, I really enjoy building this set, and loved the finished product even more. As mentioned, I might even consider trying to get my hands on more of this set, or sourcing of similar parts just to do my first even MOC of an Ice Skating Rink.

Hua Ho Toy Fair 2015

This may be a bit of a late post, but would love to share it nonetheless. It is an annual event organised by local retail Hua Ho, inviting the local LEGO enthusiast group, Brunei Usergroup Lego and Technic (BULAT) to showcase some of our collections to the public, in both straight sets or MOCs. The fair ran from 29 July to 16 August 2015, and featured some of the most awesome Mods and MOCs I have seen to date. We had one member, CJ, showcasing his Frozen-themed display that filled an entire cabinet; Raiyan who modded Lord Business’s Evil Lair into Vader’s little rest area, some awesomely set up little town showcasing Modulars, vehicles and so much more. I too, was invited to display some of my sets, and being an utterly hopeless completist that I am, I took the opportunity to display Speed Champions, Pirates 2015, Series Minifigures, and some Ultra Agents. I am nowhere near skillful to display any MOC.


Top view of the little Town display, all four corners




Inside this little town, a lot of figures and sets from across different themes blended in just naturally. We had the Sydney Opera House, the Ferris Wheel, some modulars, MOCs, superheroes, Marty McFly, all gathered. Though it wasn’t exactly large in size, it still was quite a sight to behold.


Some of the Town’s Attractions















Up on the first floor of the building, we then had the some glass cabinets showcasing individual sets: Star Wars, Technic, Marvel, Lord of the Ring, etc. Though small in size, they are impressive when grouped together. I especially liked the Rock Stage and the Star Wars MOC, and while I am not a Chima & Ninjago collector, these sets did indeed made me drool.









Here are a few more of the displays that were put up. I must apologise if the picture quality is not quite up to standard, I have yet to get around take pictures from outside a glass cabinet. In the meantime, please do enjoy these pictures.










A few of the display that really caught my eye, apart from the Frozen Landscape were the Kwik-E-Mart, the Hellicarrier, the limited edition Technic pickup and the Formula 1 car. I had always tried to stay away from Technic due to the fact that they are getting more detailed as the years go by and their large sizes really impress. The pickup really looked awesome, and I was told there were only 20,000 units of it in the world. Also, to date, I have yet to collect any UCS set, and have always told my friends, if I were to start, I would like my first set to be the Avenger’s Hellicarrier. The size of the thing, coomplete with motorized propellers just made me want to head online and purchase one immediately.








On to the sets I brought for display. It was only the third time I have participated in such activities, each time growing in confidence and mood to join freely. I was initially very paranoid about losing my figures, or a stud here, and a plate there, but seeing as how well protected the sets are, I realised my worries were unfounded. For this one, I brought along complete sets of Speed Champions, 2015 Pirates, Series Minifigures, and three flagship vehicles of the Ultra Agents to symbolize Land, Air & Sea. All the paranoia has been replaced with joy, and in fact, its been 4 days since packing up, and the sets remain in containers in my car waiting to be released back into my home. Added in a plate full of Series 13’s Hotdog Guy just for the fun of it too.











Lastly, the final showcase I will talk about, and probably the star of the whole exhibition, the Frozen themed MOC that took up the entire cabinet. The display was so huge that it took CJ (the owner of the MOC) had to make multiple trips to his car to bring the pieces up. He literally had to break up the whole thing into a few pieces just to fit into his car. Lots of Yetis on display here too, and I loved how everything was imagined from scratch. I do not have much more to comment on this display apart from how awesome it was, so I will just finish up this long picture heavy post, with more pictures.











LEGO Scooby-Doo! Mystery Plane Adventures & Haunted Lighthouse

On my second toy posting today, I shall cover the two other Scooby-Doo sets I bought previously: the #75901 Mystery Plane Adventures & #75903 Haunted Lighthouse. Below are the internet grabs of the boxart from

75901 Mystery Plane Adventures 75903 Haunted Lighthouse

The Mystery Plane Adventures set is really nothing much to shout about, a bright, colorful bi-plane, a Scooby figure in a seated position, Shaggy, and the Headless Horseman. The plane, although pretty cool looking, lacks play features, though this could probably be just me. As I mentioned in my previous post, you would probably get this set if you are looking to complete the series.


As previous stated, the biplane looks good, but lacking in play features. Some stickers to apply on the sides and tail of the plane, but it was otherwise a very straightforward build. Color scheme is the same with the Mystery Machine, and is in fact uniform across all 4 vehicles in the series.





The Scooby figure in this set is one of two that are in the sitting position, with the other appearing in the Haunted Lighthouse set. The only difference is that the Scooby here has googles printed around his eyes, making him the pilot of the plane I suppose. His head can also turn so that’s a little bit of a plus to me. Shaggy here is one of the 3 variants found across the series (info extracted from review). Unfortunately, as I was hurrying to complete my photography session last weekend’s afternoon, I had forgotten to take shots of each of them. The only on that had his picture taken was the Headless Horseman, on a white horse. I don’t normally pay particular attention to a minifigure’s printing (not yet probably), as long as I do not own them, so I cannot comment much about their appearances.


Following my small little introduction to the Mystery Plane Adventures set, let us now take a look at the second largest set in the series, the Haunted Lighthouse. I had actually preferred this set over the Mystery Mansion, probably because of the white-brown scheme in use, as compared to a purple-gray scheme in the mansion set. Additionally, this set feels much more complete to me than the mansion, probably due to the fact that this set has a skull sculpture that opens up to review a hidden compartment. Set comes with Scooby, Shaggy (yet another variant), Daphne, Swamp Monster & The Lighthouse Keeper






There is a hidden map underneath some planks by the base of the lighthouse, and I especially love the ‘Keep Out’ signage by the lighthouse. We have spider webs blocking the entrance to the second level, and at the top looks great to me. A treasure chest can be found underground to the lighthouse.






A smaller build involves the gang’s speedboat, again in their traditional colors. Shaggy here comes with a green beach shirt of the sorts, and Scooby is seated, but without googles, with the difference to the Mystery Plane set ending there. The other 3 figures are Daphne, The Lighthouse Keeper & the Swamp Monster.






I have just covered 4 of the 5 Scooby-Doo sets today. Hopefully I would be able to give the general public some ideas of what to expect from the sets, but if you are looking for detailed reviews, you can definitely head over to dedicated sites for more information. Lastly, I leave you with a picture of all 4 vehicles, quite a sight to behold to be honest.


LEGO Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Machine & Mystery Mansion

Brunei has traditionally be slow to release new LEGO sets to the public, so it was a pleasant surprise to see them being put up on the shelves in a small store, Nanyang Photo Trading, a photography cum toy store in Kuala Belait, a very quiet town in Brunei. What was even more surprising was that Nanyang was the first to sell them, when they usually receive their stock at least a week slower than all the major retailers in Brunei. Of the 5 new Scooby-Doo sets, only the smallest #75900 – Mummy Museum Mystery was not supplied to Nanyang.

75902 The Mystery Machine 75904 Mystery Mansion
Internet grab of the box arts for both sets can be found at

As such, I will be starting off with the most wanted set in the whole series, The Mystery Machine, which will be followed by the Mystery Mansion, specific reasons to be stated below.

The complete Mystery Machine lineup

The Mystery Mansion set

#75902 – The Mystery Machine
Undoubtedly the main star of the entire theme, the Mystery Machine set stays true to the color schemes and designs from the cartoon show. In the set, we get a Scooby figure that is probably grinning, as well as 3 other minifigures – Shaggy, Fred & a zombie. the Haunted tree is another separate build which could also seat the Zombie on top of it.



I really love the funky colors on this set and was previously told to me by a senior collector that this type of blue is rather rare in LEGO sets, which would lead me to think that there would be lots of MOCers (lack of knowledge of a better term) hunting these down. Lots of stickers to be applied too, from the Mystery Machine on both sides, as well as the skirts. The only printed ones are the flower designs on the caps on the front and rims.





The interior’s front (not pictured) could seat Fred & Shaggy with space remaining, while in the back, you could fit Scooby into a little ‘command center’ as I would call it, complete with a cooking stove and sink, which would make me think Shaggy & Scooby may have had a hand in design them. On each side of the hinged interior walls, you could see so ‘notes’ and ‘photographs’ pinned on a wall to give the van a further ‘detective’ feel.

I could see why this set was sold out everywhere in Singapore, since it was the most recognizable mode of transport for Scooby and gang. A friend once helped to find the whole 5 sets there, but the van was nowhere to be found. I sure am glad I was able to snag myself one, along with 3 more for friends

My haul last week, with additional 3 Mystery Machines for friends, and only the Mummy Museum Mystery missing.

The Mystery Mansion is the only set in the whole series where you could get Velma. Yes, she only appears in this set. Thank you TLG. In terms of a business standpoint, it surely made a lot of sense, especially when you might have some that are going to pass up on this set because of the price. Also, by having Velma exclusively to this set would surely maintain the value, if not increasing it.New_1_DSCF7353



My initial impression of the set before owning it was that it was rather small, for the price of BND$179.90, feeling that the mansion lacked more depth it make it much more appealing. That set, the same is still true ever since I had it, but some of the mixed feelings have been turn positive, with the sheer details appearing on the mansion. Velma aside, the inclusion of a glow in the dark Ghost minifigure definitely sold me. That and also the little motorbike and the sidecar was a big welcome to me.



On the mansion appearance, it was designed to look like a worn down, crumbling building, so it sure was great to see some broken windows and tilted roofings. I loved the Halloween feel to the set, with a Jack-O-Lantern here, and a spiderweb there (even if it’s a sticker).


New_1_DSCF7393 New_1_DSCF7394

Nothing much to be mentioned that isn’t already available on proper review sites on the internet, so I would probably just leave you some more pictures of the mansion to enjoy.





With these two sets, you will most definitely be able to complete the whole gang, although in a rather expensive fashion. In my honest opinion, The Mystery Machine is definitely a must-buy for any Scooby-Doo fans, while the Mystery Mansion applies only if you are looking to get the whole gang. That or it you are an anal completist like me, and missing one set from any series would render you unable to think straight, eat right, and sleep well, right until you get it. I leave you with the final group photo for this long post. Should you have any comments on how to improve my writing, or photography skills, please feel free to drop me any comments.

The Noob

Hello world!

Hello people! I am bricknoobie, from Brunei,  starting out a new blog documenting my toys, mainly LEGO and occasionally some Masked Riders or Saint Seiyas. I have been an avid collector of toys, mostly from my childhood: Transformers, Macross, M.A.S.K and the likes. Having had a few years of collecting hiatus, I reignited my love for toys in the form of LEGO, receiving my first set as an Adult in late 2013.

Now, 2 years in, I collecting mostly classic themes from my childhood: Space, Pirates & Castle; along with a few more interesting themes such as Ultra Agents, The Lego Movie, Star Wars etc.

Additionally, I had also picked up photography to supplement the colorful aspects of LEGO and the likes, and while I am just a beginner shutterbug, do kindly give comments if you feel there are ways I could improve my skills.

Please do look forward to my next post, covering the recently released Scooby Doo sets, due out in the next few hours.

The Noob